Blog Review: tales from the thriftshop

I can’t say that I started this blog without any inspiration, because that would be a flat out lie. The content of this blog is inspired by many other bloggers that I greatly admire. A blog I recently discovered that inspires me is one I found through WordPress: tales from the thrift shop, run by Kali Borovic. She is a Self-Proclaimed Thriftonista based in Cleveland, Ohio and she’s everything I aspire to be.

Kali’s blog consists of not only thrifting, but the stories to go along with the thrift trips. One of my favorite posts is “On Thrifting as Catharsis” in which she explains how thrifting gave her a chance to find herself in a way that college never could. She recounts how she felt that “college is supposed to be a time that you figure yourself out. Instead, I figured out that I was too afraid to do that.” Which is something I, and I’m sure many others can deeply relate to.

However, not all her content is so heavy. She also posts more light-hearted content like thrifting tips, guides to capsule wardrobes and ways to be more sustainable. Check out a list of her thrifting tips here! Her blog is a one stop shop for people like me that like to score a bargain, help the planet, and hear and interesting story.

Lastly, her blog is just nice to look at! Her photographs are beautifully staged and all fit within a calming aesthetic. Her blog is streamlined and easy to navigate She has definitely got an eye for design! I definitely recommend you subscribe to her blog.

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